The school aims to imbue the age old traditions and values amongst the student in the most undiluted and pure form. At the same time, the school takes ample initiatives to pace up with the every changing dynamic technological advancement to give a lead in their discipline to study.

Our school is an initiative to develop students through Self-study, Self-thinking, Self- discipline and Self-help which are the four corner stones of our teacher methodology



Chairman's Message

Triumph belongs to thought. Change your thinking and you change your life.

Mother’s Global school was conceptualised by the thought of serving the society by gifting it with the most precious and powerful resource- the educated and empowered youth and thus the institution was opened in the year 1984 with just 6 students on the roll.


Principal’s Message

“You may help the little ones grow to be the sunshine of God’s love in the world”

Inspired and guided by these words of wisdom from the great mother, Mother Teresa it is our aim to see our children reflecting the light of their knowledge and learning to the world and spreading the fragrance of their fine values to the society.

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