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Events & Activities

In order to ensure the development of the wholesome personality of the child, the school organizes multifarious events and activities like:

FOUNDERS DAY: Every year the school celebrates its founders day on April 10 with colourful cultural events performed by the students of all levels.

ANNUAL DAY: The annual day of the school is celebrated with much pomp and show in the school grounds in the presence of a number of dignitaries, parents and guests.

SPORTS DAY: The annual sports day of the school is usually held at National stadium or Talkatora stadium , wherein various colourful drills are presented by students.

SPECIAL ASSEMBLIES: Special assemblies are held on all special occasions including all national/religious festivals, special days observed by U.N. etc. These assemblies are conspicuous with talks on the significance of the day, skits, songs dances etc. presented by the students.

INTER HOUSE/INTER SECTION COMPETITIONS: In order to give vent to the creativity of the students the school organizes a host of inter house/inter section competitions. These competitions include Calligraphy, Debates, Elocution, Creative writing, Quiz etc. These activities are well planned at the beginning of the session and are mentioned in the Activity Calendar of the School Almanac.

ANNUAL SPORTS MEET; Annual sports meet of the school is held in the month December/January at Talkatora or National stadium which is an exquisite exposition of sporting skills and colourful drills.

TALENTS: The class wise club functions under the banner talents is an integral part of the calendar of activities.