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Our Inspiration

Saint Teresa

“Proudly as women, we shall go forth
sowing the seeds of love through truth”

That’s precisely what these women have done to inspire us and thousands like us. Some people have the ability to touch our lives and inspire and motivate us to make our existence more meaningful and purposeful. When it comes to Mother Teresa, words seem to be too demeaning to write.

Praises fall short when compared with her deeds, awards and rewards that bequeathed her could never match the purpose of her life, resources that she received were too small to be equalled to her devotion towards her work.

We shall always feel proud and get inspired by the following message given to us by Mother Teresa at the opening of the school :

“You may help the little ones grow to be the sunshine of God’s love in the world.”


Mrs. Shakuntala Devi Jethy

The school is bound to flourish when you get more than one inspiring person to steer and guide towards success and achievement. Though little lesser known yet a formidable personality who truly envisioned the idea of starting the learning centre is Mrs. Shakuntala Devi Jethy whose blessings were instrumental in the growth of successful and promising institution.

She had brought with her rich experience as Headmistress of a Government Primary School which has helped this schools to make rapid strides in the field of education.

We feel completely awed and stimulated by these brilliant women who invigorate us with their steadfast determination against all odds to succeed in their mission of life. Mrs. Shakuntala Devi Jethy